Best of Kensington

Kensington is one of the districts of the Royal Borough of Kinsington and Chelsea, west part of London. It is an affluent area, which is densely populated and home to a number of European embassies.

Kensington is an affluent area, featuring a number of very expensive garden squares and streets. Notable examples of the former include Edwardes Square, Holland Park for the large part and the private redevelopments of Wycombe Square. The area is also known for high density of population, mainly due to subdivision of mid-rise Victorian and Georgian terraced houses into flats. These developments are all 4 to 6 floors, as the area lacks high rise buildings, with the exception of London Kensington Forum Hotel, which is 27-storey high and is located on Cromwell Road.

Kensington High Street is the main focus of the district and its commercial heart. Some time ago this street was ranked among the best shopping streets of the capital. The location features numerous shops, most of which upmarket. The route 9 bus service was extended to the area in 2010 in order to make access to it easier. It is a great living area and if you ever decide to relocate here you should use Kensington man with van help.

Kensington Gardens lies between the City of Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The park covers an area of 270 acres and is the location of Kensington Palace. Kensington Gardens were private in the past, are presently open to public. Featured here are fine examples of Dutch and Italian gardens, and several landmarks, such as Speke’s monument, Albert Memorial and Serpentine’s Gallery. This is also the location of Elfin Oak, a carved tree stump that dates back 900 years. Holland Park, located north of Kensington High Street, is the other green area of the district.

Three main roads cross the area from east to west. Most important is the A4, also known as Cromwell Road, allowing connection to Heathrow Airport and Central London. Parallel to the A4 is Kensington Road, with link to Hammersmith and Central London. Fulham Road connects the area of South Kensington to southwest Fulham.

Three stations, all within Travelcard Zone 1, serve the area: Gloucester Road, South Kensington and High Street Kensington. All of them are on the Circle line, connecting to various railway terminals. In addition to the Circle line, all of the stations are served on different branches by the District line. There are some local bus services that provide transport links to surrounding districts.